Sales Funnel Bootcamp

Are you ready to sell your digital products on auto-pilot?
Here's everything you need to build your simple (yet effective) sales funnel.

Do you know that a sales funnel will help you make more sales, but...

❌ you think it will take forever
❌ you're not "techy" enough to put the pieces together
❌ you're not sure how it will work for your business and products
❌ you can't afford all the fancy tools everyone seems to be using, let alone hire someone to do it for you
❌ you just don't know where to even begin??

Or maybe you've tried to build one before, but got lost in the weeds.

Whatever your experience with sales funnels has been in the past, a sales funnel is THE best way to sell your digital products CONSISTENTLY online.

And, when you follow a proven system that has you taking action (instead of focusing on the overwhelm) -- your sales funnel will actually get DONE.

✅ Break down each piece into micro-steps
✅ Demystify tech and how the pieces connect to each other -- in a way that actually makes sense
✅ Use easy templates for everything from your pages to your emails
✅ Keep track of it all in just one, easy to use spreadsheet
✅ Learn the repeatable process to sell every product you have -- completely on auto-pilot

You CAN build a sales funnel by following a simplified system, with resources to save you time and help you keep track of all the pieces.

In the Sales Funnel Bootcamp, you will:

➡ Learn the proper way to build your sales funnel so that selling feels logical, easy, and aligned

➡ Build your funnel one step at a time, without overwhelm, or not knowing what to do next 

➡ Keep track of all the pieces in one place, so you can easily reference and find them later

➡ Easily connect the dots and conquer the tech

➡ Stop over-complicating with unnecessary software, tools, upsells, and downsells

➡ Build a fully functional, simple, and efficient sales funnel to sell your product -- that's it!! 

Included in the Bootcamp:

✔ Email templates for every single email you will write for your funnel -- with instructions, sample subject lines, and video training.

✔ Page templates for all the pages you will create -- including sales pages (both long-form and short-form), opt-in page, and thank you pages. Use any page builder to easily replicate the designs.

✔ Tracker spreadsheet that will track your progress as you're building. After you're done with your sales funnel, it will become your go-to resource for when you need to make any changes.

You only need these 3 tools to build your sales funnel:

① Somewhere to build your pages (your website, your course platform, or other page builder)

② An email service provider (ActiveCampaign, Convertkit, etc... any will work)

③ A hosting platform for your course where you can take payment (Thinkific, MemberVault, Teachable, etc...)

It's time to take action and build an asset that will work for you 24/7 to make sales.

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