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ActiveCampaign is currently the most full-featured email service provider (for a price that rivals the other players). 

It is infinitely customizable, and the automation potential is virtually unlimited. 

I have been using ActiveCampaign to create automations for my clients ranging from a simple sales funnel to complex internal and customer-facing workflows involving multiple integrations. 

You will be surprised at what ActiveCampaign can do!! In this masterclass, I give you an overview that will get you started.



In the ActiveCampaign 101 Masterclass, you will learn:


  • How to save time by navigating the back-end like a PRO
  • The most OPTIMAL way to organize and segment your contacts (if you find yourself creating multiple lists, you might be doing it wrong...)
  • When to use campaigns vs automations -- so you don't make more work for yourself than necessary 
  • The most overlooked way to use Forms to track valuable data on your marketing.


Plus, don't miss these 2 BONUS modules:

Learn the advanced strategies for how to provide more personalized content to your subscribers (beyond just putting their name in the email).


Dip your toes into custom fields and message variables and find out how they can save you time, help you create complex automations, and organize all the information you have about  your subscribers.


Yours today for just  $49

8 Modules

Navigating the Interface

Here we'll take a whirlwind tour of the back end of ActiveCampaign and where to find all the features you'll need.

Lists vs. Tags vs. Segments

Learn the correct way to organize your subscribers in ActiveCampaign.

Campaigns vs. Automations

Learn the 2 ways of sending emails through AC, and when you should use which.

Forms & Landing Pages

Learn how you can use Forms to gather valuable information (and what to do with it afterwards). 

BONUS: 3 Ways to Personalize Your Emails

Learn how you can personalize your emails (beyond just putting the subscriber's first name).

BONUS: Custom Fields & Variables

Learn how you can use advanced features to save time, and for segmentation, personalization, and automations.

What's Next?

Next steps on your journey with ActiveCampaign -- let's implement!!

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